Convert, Edit and Prune Minecraft Worlds

From the creator of the first ever world converter and multi-platform NBT editor, the Pryze Software suite of tools has been the go-to choice for millions of Minecrafters for over a decade.

Updated For 1.21

Supports the latest world formats.

No Size Limits

Tested on worlds over 200GB.

Guaranteed to Work

Works on any valid world. Our Policy

Direct Support

Get help directly from the devs.

3-in-1 Suite of Must-Have Apps

NBT Editor

Explore the potential of vanilla Minecraft. Change world settings, customize entities & items, remove corruption, peek inside ender chest inventories, enable achievements and much more.

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Convert your worlds between editions with no world size limits! Properly converts entities, items, tile entities, biomes and more. Avoid the issues present in copy-cat alternatives.

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Easily select and remove unwanted parts of your world with the first ever all-edition pruning tool. Promote terrain regeneration anywhere you'd like. Delete millions of chunks in seconds.

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The King of Version Support

For 6 years and counting, our software has retained the title of most compatible amongst the widest range of Minecraft editions. The Universal Minecraft Tool seamlessly bridges the gap between both old and modern formats, accommodating every nuanced distinction.


1.3.2 - 1.20


  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux


1.0.0 - 1.20


  • Windows 10
  • Android
  • iOS

With Realms Transfer:

  • Xbox One/Series
  • PlayStation 4/5
  • Nintendo Switch


TU0 - TU73


  • Xbox 360
  • PlayStation 3
  • Wii U

Automatic updates

As Minecraft updates, the Universal Minecraft Tool needs to be updated too. All updates are automatic, with many changes performed server-side only.

Intuitive UI & UX

Working on your worlds is easy and stress-free thanks to the clear user-friendly interface. There is real value in thoughtful design.

Extension support

Extend the capabilities of the Universal Minecraft Tool with both official and community-built extensions.

Extension Hub


The Universal Minecraft Tool was developed to utilize the full power of your multi-core processor for blazing fast performance.

Built-in resigner

The built-in resigner safely gives you access to your legacy PS3 worlds without needing to download any adware programs like PS3 Bruteforcer.

Your worlds are private

Rest easy knowing your worlds are never uploaded to our servers. Your worlds are personal and for your eyes only.

Direct developer communication

Every email gets sent directly to Matt Pryze where you can communicate 1-on-1 to resolve any issues, usually within the same day.

Free guides

Coming soon, our YouTube channel and website will contain free step-by-step tutorials and examples for getting the most out of the Universal Minecraft Tool.

Trusted by over a million users

Pryze Software's 10-year history developing Minecraft utilities has instilled confidence amongst the community and notoriety with top YouTubers and build teams.

Let's Get the Minecart Rolling!

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