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1. Download

Click this button to download the installer.


2. Install

Run the installer (UMT_setup.exe) and follow the instructions to install the Universal Minecraft Tool.

3. Create Account

Create an account here on the Universal Minecraft Tool website. Then choose a subscription plan or stay on the free plan.

Create Account

4. Sign In

Sign in to the Universal Minecraft Tool using your account email address and password. If you signed up via Google, use your Google email address and the Universal Minecraft Tool password you chose here, not your Google password.


The application only runs on Windows computers.


An internet connection is required to verify your account.

Transfer Tools

Realms, a USB drive or homebrew may be needed to transfer worlds.

What About Mac and Linux?

Due to technical limitations, the Universal Minecraft Tool does not work on Mac/Linux computers. There are no plans to extend support to Mac/Linux. Virtualization software is not officially supported as some features may not function, though you are permitted to try if you wish.

If you play Java Edition on a Mac/Linux computer, don't worry! Your worlds can still be opened in the Universal Minecraft Tool. They will need to be transferred to a Windows computer where the Universal Minecraft Tool is installed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which platforms are supported?


Even though the Universal Minecraft Tool can open Minecraft worlds created on Java, Bedrock, and Legacy Console editions, the app itself runs only on Windows computers. This means that the worlds will need to be transferred from their source device to the computer where the UMT is installed so it can be worked on, and the same in reverse when work is finished. Transfer methods vary depending on the device. The documentation section of this website will contain guides on these transfer methods in the future.

Q: Can Minecraft Marketplace worlds be opened?


No. To retain the integrity of the Marketplace, those worlds are not able to be opened with the Universal Minecraft Tool.

Q: I'm getting a message: "The app isn't a Microsoft verified app"


Some Windows 11 computers, typically school or work computers, run on something called 'S Mode' which is a limited version of Windows designed to prevent apps that aren't from the Microsoft Store from being installed. You will need to disable 'S Mode' in order to install the UMT. Instructions differ, so it is advised to do some research to find steps for your specific computer.

Q: Can I zoom into the app?


Yes. There is a setting in the UMT to change the scale of the app, all the way up to 200%. This may help those that have a hard time seeing some of the smaller elements of the program.

Q: Does the UMT get 'installed' into Minecraft itself?


No. The Universal Minecraft Tool isn't a mod or plugin for the game itself. It's a standalone app that can open and perform work on the world files Minecraft generates upon saving. Technically, you don't even have to own Minecraft at all to be able to open worlds with the UMT (for example, worlds downloaded from online will work too).

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