Select and remove unwanted parts of your worlds easily and precisely.

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Multi-platform support. The only all-edition pruning tool; supports Java, Bedrock, and Legacy Console worlds.

Faster selections. Intuitively create complex selections faster than anything else with layered simple shapes.

Automatic backups. The Pruner always works on a copy of your world so you don't have to copy it yourself.

6 Pruning Tools

Easily make selections by composing layers of simple shapes allowing for unique selection areas without having to code scripts or enter any confusing comparison logic.

  • Tool Types:
  • Box: Select a rectangular area of chunks.
  • Circle: Select a circular area of chunks by specifying a center and radius.
  • Split: Select chunks infinitely in any direction.
  • Polygon: Draw a polygon to select chunks in irregular shapes.
  • Time: Select chunks based on InhabitedTime (Java and Console only).
  • Optimize: Run a database compaction cycle (Bedrock only).

Time Filtering

Java and Console worlds keep track of how often players have visited parts of your world using a tag called InhabitedTime. Now you can select chunks based on this value to quickly trim unvisited parts of your world.


We've all experienced the pain of accidentally deleting something. Thankfully, the Pruner eliminates the risk of accidental deletion by operating entirely on a copy of the world every time you open it.

This means your deletions won't have any effect until you manually save the world. This can be a life-saver!

Visual Selection Viewer

Preview your selections within the intuitive world viewer. Edit the selection layers without needing to type anything. Quickly manage the layers and their properties on the sidebar and watch your changes update live.

  • Includes:
  • Full-featured 2d world renderer
  • Red chunk highlighting
  • Interactive control points
  • Disable snapping by holding Ctrl
  • Realtime layer refreshing

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What sets this pruner apart from those that came before?


This pruner works with ALL editions, has the fastest chunk selection process, has a built-in optimizer, and automatically works on a backup of your world. It stays very low on memory, so it won't crash while it's working. Plus, it also comes alongside the best NBT Editor and Converter.

Q: Will this delete anything else other than terrain?


No. You don't have to worry about losing your player data or any other progress you've made. It's the same world just with the chunk data you've chosen removed. Entities and point of interest data will be cleared as well since those are part of the terrain.

Q: How many layers can I add?


As many as you like! There are no limits to the amount of selection layers you can add.

Q: Do I have to make a backup?


No. You don't have to make a backup since the world is copied when you open it in the pruner. Only upon saving will your changes take effect. Though if this is an important world, you should create regular backups anyways.

Q: Can I choose what gets regenerated?


After pruning, you can use the NBT Editor to make changes to the terrain generation rules. For example, you can change a default world to flatland and it will generate the new chunks as flatland. Picking biomes is trickier, but can be done by properly changing the world seed to one that puts your desired biome in the right place.

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