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NBT Editor

Every Minecrafter should install the UMT for this capability alone. Perform the most common NBT editing tasks for free, no ads!

  • Edit world settings only


Best Value
$ 5 USD

NBT Editor

Pay annually for huge savings! Best for build teams, server admins, content creators and long-term users.

  • Full access to all apps
  • Save 67%
  • 2 local sessions at once
  • Removed Herobrine(?)
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*$60 billed annually, cancel any time.


Most Popular
$ 15 USD

NBT Editor

Pay monthly for more flexibility. Best for single-use tasks, casual players, beginners and short-term users.

  • Full access to all apps
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*$15 billed monthly, cancel any time.

Guarantee/Refund Policy

We keep it fair. Expect your money back if the Universal Minecraft Tool doesn't work.

  • Valid cases:
  • You never used the UMT yet.
  • It didn't work on a 'valid' world.
  • A 'valid' world is:
  • From a supported version.
  • Free from any corruption.
  • Unmodded and fully playable.
  • Invalid cases:
  • You ran out of storage space.
  • An NBT edit saved properly, but the game didn't respond how you wanted.
  • You have a bug, but it was fixed in under 6 days (3 weeks if version-related).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I cancel my subscription?


Yes. You can cancel your subscription at any time by visiting your account page and clicking 'Billing Portal.' There are no hoops to jump through, no numbers to call, you can cancel easily through the website. Once cancelled, your account will no longer be billed again and you will be returned back to the free plan.

Q: Can I play my worlds after my subscription ends?


Yes. Your worlds are yours forever regardless of whether or not your subscription is active. Your worlds are separate from the application and are not tied to your Universal Minecraft Tool account in any way.

Q: Can you convert/edit/prune a world for me?


No. This would be unfair to users that have purchased a subscription to the Universal Minecraft Tool already.

Q: Will my data be sold or shared?


No. Your data is not the product being sold. Your data is private and will not be shared with anyone else, period.

Q: Can I share my account credentials with my team?


Your account credentials are your responsibility. It is not recommended to share your private sign in information, though you are permitted to do so at your own risk. The only caveat is that only 1 session can be active at a time. If someone on your team signs in on another computer, you would be signed out, and vice versa.

Q: Is there a free trial of the paid plans?


No. Our data indicates that a sizable portion of users only ever intend to use the Universal Minecraft Tool for a single task. We believe that free trials in this context may often be abused and would not be utilized for honest 'trialing.' However, we'd still like to help. Given that many of these one-off tasks are simple NBT edits, we have made the NBT editing of world settings completely free for everyone.

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