How to Open Any World in the Universal Minecraft Tool

The Universal Minecraft Tool is unique in that it supports more editions and versions of Minecraft than any other single program.

We've created guides on how to open a world from virtually every platform.

View the guide that's right for you:

Java Edition

Opening a Java world is super easy.

If you play on Mac/Linux, you'll need to transfer the world to the Windows computer where the UMT is installed.

Bedrock Edition

Opening a Bedrock world varies heavily depending on the platform.

Xbox One/Series, PS4/PS5, and Nintendo Switch all require a transfer via Realms.

MCPE editions (iOS and Android) require you to transfer the files to your computer using your preferred method.

Legacy Console Edition

All Legacy Console edition worlds (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii U) have their challenges.

They each require circumventing the protections built-in to each console.

At the time of writing this guide, Xbox 360 support is being reworked so there isn't a guide on how to open Xbox 360 worlds at the moment. You can still do it, but you will need to utilize additional third-party software to get the savegame.dat file the UMT can work with.


Thanks to the Universal Minecraft Tool's widespread version support, you can easily bridge the gap between all versions and get the most out of Minecraft no matter where you play.

Have fun!

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